Our Theme for 2019:
Disruption: Challenging Leadership at Every Turn

Rapid changes of ideological differences, in technological innovations, and between competing social norms are disrupting the international system, established institutions and businesses, and national cultures across the world.  Our conference will focus on critical thinking, creative problem solving and leading in a disruptive environment.   We will balance top-notch speakers on key areas of disruption (international, national, cultural, technology, and business) with hands-on, active learning sessions.

2019 Program Details Coming in August

About the Leadership and Ethics Conference

Begun in 2010, the VMI Leadership and Ethics Conference is a hallmark of the Center for Leadership and Ethic’s programming. It is a top-tier conference that addresses a significant issue of ethical leadership development, including living an honorable lifestyle in contemporary America.

The conference attracts the attention of faculty and students of a diverse array of military and civilian colleges, members of the public and private sectors, military leaders, and non-profit audiences. Through the participation of these attendees and our speakers, VMI leads national conversations on diverse themes of leadership and ethics in modern society.

  • Another superb job. Using the cadets as moderators greatly adds to the effectiveness of the event.
  • It was an all-around success and your student-led activities and discussions were amazing, informative and well-run.
  • It was a pleasure to attend and the cadet guides were fantastic!
On Using Cadet Facilitators, 2018 Survey Respondents
  • Thank you! Awesome conference!
  • I thought it was well organized and facilitated growth.
  • Great event!!! I simply loved it!
Overall Conference Experience, 2018 Survey Respondents

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