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Grit and the American Character

Since the founding of its first colonies, Americans have routinely overcome major obstacles.  Overcoming challenges shaped an American character underscored by the attribute of grit.  GRIT involves growth, resilience, integrity, and tenacity, which applies to both to the nation and its individual members.

This conference will examine grit from various perspectives, ranging from discussions of its impact on our national character to individual self-assessment.  Throughout the conference, participants will hear from a wide-ranging group of speakers and learn more about their own grit through a series of interactive exercise.  Participants will also have an opportunity to partake in a carefully designed “Grit Challenge” competition.

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About the Leadership and Ethics Conference

Begun in 2010, the VMI Leadership and Ethics Conference is a hallmark of the Center for Leadership and Ethic’s programming. It is a top-tier conference that addresses a significant issue of ethical leadership development, including living an honorable lifestyle in contemporary America.

The conference attracts the attention of faculty and students of the nation’s foremost schools, members of the public and private sectors, military leaders, and non-profit audiences. Through the participation of these leaders, VMI leads national conversations on diverse themes of leadership and ethics in modern society.

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