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The Center for Leadership and Ethics hosts an annual leadership and ethics conference, its capstone event. This conference addresses leadership and ethics issues of national importance.  The conference’s goal is to stimulate cadets’ critical thinking and refine their ethical decision-making skills in an uncertain world. This event is open to the entire Corps of Cadets, as well as outside attendees.  The conference incorporates internationally-recognized speakers, table group discussions, and interactive exercises. Below are links to our previous conferences’ videos and programs.

Previous Conferences

The 2018 leadership conference, GRIT and the American Character, explored who we are as a nation, as members of a community, and as individuals.

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The 2017 leadership conference, Speaking Truth to Power:  Candid and Courageous Civil Discourse, explored the moral direction and professional ethical behavior of key institutions, including the military, higher education, and media communities.

YouTube playlist of all videotaped sessions.

Event program booklet with schedule and speaker info.

2016 marked the 70th Anniversary of the Marshall Plan.  Marshall’s exemplary strategic leadership, especially in visioning and managing change during a key global transition, provides a yardstick to measure parallel efforts in contemporary and future contexts.

Marshall, a 1901 graduate of VMI was one of the most distinguished American leaders of the 20th Century.  Marshall’s forethought and strategic vision for this plan provide an outstanding example of highly effective strategic leadership.

Overall, the conference tied together the influence of strategic leadership and its interrelationship with economic, political, military conflict, and stability during the period from 1947-to the present.  The Marshall Plan received some special emphasis as a way to assess these concepts. Finally, we examined the changing roles/competencies needed to exercise strategic leadership through 2040.

2016 Strategic Leadership Conference Program

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As our society becomes more and more reliant on technology, new questions arise regarding the role Ethics, Honor, and Leadership play in this ever changing world.

The 2016 VMI Leadership Conference “Ethical Dilemmas in the Digital Age” held at Virginia Military Institute, March 7-8, 2016, explored these new, technologically driven challenges to our individual and national character. This conference addressed ethical dilemmas in national policy and in a society that have arisen as a result of new technologies with a balance of perspectives.

Spring 2016 Leadership Conference Program

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